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The printer was working fine and all of a sudden it cannot print a file and if I try another file print again nothing happens.. What do I do to get out of this?
What has happened is that the file being sent or sent to the printer is not able to be read so it hangs up. You need to go to an area on your computer to see what is in the print buffer and delete the file that hangs up the computer. On the Macs it is the printer icon on the dock or open up System Preferences. On the PCs, click start and look for a side bar Printers or open Control Panel and look in Printers.
In the classroom printer, the problem is slightly different. If you are not printing, then the print switch is probably set to the other computer in the lab, so the printer is in a pause mode. Set the switch to the proper computer, click on the print icon on the dock and click resums.

How do you play DVDs with a MAC?
1. Put DVD in slot on the right of the monitor.
2. You might want to go to System Preferences and turn off screen saver as well.
3. It may show up as full screen. If you want to change and see control buttons, hit esc key.
4. Go to view and set up as double size.
5. While playing, hitting the play button pauses and when paused you can use the scroll bar on the bottom to fast forward/rewind. fast
6. When done drop the DVD icon to the trash and it will eject.
I try to drop the DVD/CD icon to the trash and it won't eject the DVD/CD. How do I get the DVD/CD out?
It probably won't eject because the program using it is still active. With the MAC, clicking on the Red does not exit program. You need to go to the program name next to the Black Apple and click to open menu and use the drop down menu to quit.

I am used to using the right click on the PC. What do I do on the MAC for a right click?
Use the CONTROL key and click the mouse.

I turn on the IMAC and can not get to the internet. What should I do?
Check to see if you are connected. Look at the wireless icon on the upper right side. If it is not darken, click on the icon and choose CIWireless. It should then automatically connect. It should have stored the WEB key address so you shouldn't have to enter it. If it asks for key address see administrator.

I try to print a pdf file from my computer and nothing happens. It prints word documents, why not pdf documents?

PDFs are formatted as an image. Before you hit OK to print, go to advanced settings and allow images to be printed. Then it will print pdfs.

All my computer is doing is showing a revolving colored disk, what should I do?
If while loading a program and it hangs up (revolving colored disk), you can force quit holding down these four keys simultaneously:
Command(apple logo key next to option key), option, letter q, and esc and choosing from a popup menu what program you want to stop.
If that doesn't work, turn off the computer and restart.

I notice that after a while I have a lot of active programs on my dock. Why is that?
With the MAC, clicking on the Red does not exit program, it exits the working page within the program. You need to go to the program name next to the Black Apple and click to open menu and use the drop down menu to quit.
A simpler way to exit a program is when you see the program you want to exit on the menu bar on top of the screen, press command(apple logo key) and q.

How do I know it is safe to take out my USB memory stick and how do I get the CD out of the computer?
· When you add a USB memory stick or CD, it will appear on the desktop. To eject drag from the desktop to the trash icon on the dock. When the icon disappears from the desktop, it is safe to remove.

I am having trouble reading my email. What should I do?
· Log in as teacher. If that doesn't work check the accounts in My Preferences and make sure the teacher login is set to standard access. If not see administrator to get you standard account access when you log in as teacher. If you still can’t read your email with Safari try using Firefox.

I want to keep lots of pages open on the internet, since I am using lots of different sources. But every time I go to a new site I lose the old site that I wanted to keep as well? What can I do about this?
On the IMAC the apple/option keys simultaneous held down, opens a new tab for you to add a new web page keeping the previous web page in a tab just to the left of the new tab.

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