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Success Maker

Phone service for trouble shooting Successmaker  - 888.977.7100
  • Follow menu on phone
  • Successmaker version you have is that you sign on to by using web browser, not the online Successmaker
  • Once contacting a person get name and always get a case number for following up calls.

Using Successmaker

If you don't have a bookmark for SuccessMaker, open browser, input

SuccessMaker now has your students in the system.   Your login/password   (firstlettername)(lastname)/(see me for password)
Your students' login/password  (firstlettername)(lastname)/1234

Before students can go on, you as the teacher need to create a group, add your class, and set up an assignment ( this will take less than 5 minutes ).  Then students in your class are good to go.    The program seems to track and run itself with you just monitoring growth.

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How to interpret data generated by a Cumulative Performance Report  21k v. 3 Mar 16, 2010, 5:42 PM Unknown user
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