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Knowledge Box

If you don't see an icon on the pcs or a bookmark on the bookmark bar for Knowledge Box, you can get to Knowledge Box by using an internet browser and typing this only works at school).

Teachers log in with first initial of first name followed by last name with no space.
See administrator for password.

Fourth,Third, Second Grade classes - student login is <first initial of first name><last name> ( no space)
K,1 -student login is <first name><first initial of last name> ( no space)
See administrator for password.

Teacher's initial use of Knowledge Box should cover these 4 steps:
1. Make sure your students are in your class.
2. Create a group (first group could be class).
3. FInd lessons of interest already in Knowledge Box.
4. Assign lessons to group ( remember you need to set up a time for lesson to be active )

Once familiar with the above then start to create your own lessons.

Plan and browse Knowledge Box from home ( note: you have access to a site with Knowledge Box. You do not have access to the Knowledge Box at the school, so you need to keep track with what you want to set up and set up at school ).
Go to this site:
Use a teacher login/password and PFH Code: 1246806KB1
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