Here is the info for downloading Response (Senteo) Software.   Remember the virtual clicker for testing what you put together.

Follow instructions.  At one point it will say 1 minute left and start loading the Gallery files which will take a while.  Just don't think something is wrong.  When I have downloaded, it has not asked me for an activation code, but I included an activation code just in case.


If that above doesn't work try:

Smart Response Activation Code:


Here is site for tutorial info, hands on practice sheets, and quick review sheets on using Smart Response (formerly Senteo

or you can just download the SenteoLesson below to get the same information.
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This document outlines how to save individual data for the question set with the Senteos.  20k v. 1 Jun 1, 2010, 8:49 AM Unknown user

This smartboard file contains quicksheets and hands on practice activities to become proficient in using the Resonse/Senteo system in your classroom  10418k v. 2 Sep 11, 2009, 2:50 PM Frank Hardart