How to add Youtube videos to Notebook

Here's a way to add Youtube videos into the Smart Notebook, so you don't have to go to the website and pull up the videos.  The video clip will now stay in your Notebook file, without you having to go online.
1.  Go to  Find the video you want to put into the Smart Notebook.
2.  Once you've found it, go to the top of the screen, to the web address bar (where it says "www...", and type the word "kick" in front of Youtube.  Your new address should be, with some extra letters at the end. Hit "enter", so you can open up the new webpage.
3.  From the new page, you can download the video to your computer.  Make sure to select "Flash" in the top bar of the screen. 
Click "FLV" first
Then, click "Go" on the right side
After you've clicked the word "Go", the button wil become blue and say "Down".  Click on it, and save the video. 
4.  Open up the Smart Notebook program.  On the top bar, click "insert", then in the drop-down window, click on "Flash video file". 
Find the video you downloaded, and click "Open".  Your video will appear in the Notebook like this: 
If you have any questions, feel free to speak to your tech coach.