Using Gizmos to help with NYS Science Performance test

Because Gizmos offer simulations and animations of many science concepts, they can also help with teachers who want to review for the New York State Science Performance test.  Teachers can add Gizmos to their class list (will need a login for the school), and review the Gizmos using either a Smart board, or have all students practice in the computer lab.

Please download the Administrator's Manual for "'Grade 4 instructions for NYS Science exam" attachment at the bottom of this screen for additional information.

*Please note that the Gizmos are to be used to simply help give the students a basic understanding of the concepts that are being testing during the performance.  While they can be very helpful in providing a great visual understanding of these science concepts, they are not, however, going to replicate the actual performance assessment of the NYS science exam.  Using actual models in a science lab would be the closest and most reliable way to ensure that students completely understand what is expected of them during the performance portion of their exam.

Here's the list of Gizmos for the 4th grade Performance Test:  please be sure to review the "lesson info" with your class before using these Gizmos.  They offer a great amount of information and important vocabulary.

In order:

1.  The "Weight and Mass" activity is a review of measuring to calculate mass.  Students are to compare the mass of different objects, and also balance the weight of various objects.

2.  The "Triple Beam Balance" lets students practice measuring the weight of objects using this type of scale.  It's important to note that for the exam, the students will be using an "equal arm balance", so teachers will have to show the difference between these two types of scales.

3.  For "magnetism", this activity will let students explore different objects and determine which are magnetic, and which will repel or attract.

Numbers 4-7 are a review of building circuits.  Students will have to create circuits to generate electricity to power a light bulb.

Number 8 and 9 review the "ball and ramp" station, with students moving objects along an inclined plane, to measure speed and distance.

To find these Gizmos, after you login, follow these directions:

For the "Weight and Mass" and "Triple Beam Balance" Gizmos, search under "measurement".  The two Gizmos will be listed.  Just click "add to class", and the Gizmos will show up in your class assignments.

For "magnetism", simply search for that term in the search window.  It'll be the first Gizmo offered.  Add that to your list.

For the three circuit Gizmos, simply search for "circuits", and you'll be able to add them to your class.

The "inclined plane" Gizmos are found the same way.  Search under "inclined plane", and you'll find them easily.  

For help in finding and using the Gizmos, please see your tech coach.  

Nick Zaveri,
May 17, 2010, 7:21 PM