Introduction to Gizmos (

 ___ log in to school account

___ find introductory video “Getting Started with Gizmos”

___ name and create classes

___ find Gizmos by search field

___ browse for Gizmos by Grade and Topic

            ___ topic

            ___ state standards

            ___ textbook

            ___ complete Gizmos listing

___  finding a Gizmo and getting

            ___ lesson info

            ___ learning objectives

            ___ lesson materials ( student investigative guide, teacher guide )

            ___ learning how the Gizmo works

            ___ examine assessment questions for Gizmo

___ adding a Gizmo to a class

___ manage Gizmo list in a class

___ enroll students in a class

            ___ find class code that students will use to enroll in class

            ___ download handout for students to follow to enter class

            ___ have students self enroll

___ check assessment results for students completing an assigned Gizmo



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