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Procedure to Use Video Down-Streaming in Classroom

  • At home open up internet and go to Educatellc’s Bookmark
  • Go to folder for videos
  • Then open up United Streaming
  • Creating Your Own Account : get access code from administrator, enter in new user, and complete registration
  • Login:
  • Password:
  • Or go directly to United Streaming:
  • Use search to look for videos to use in class ( most videos have a teacher’s guide that you can use as well).
  • If you try to play a video directly off the internet it will probably hang up because of the number of computers in the school using the internet. It is better to download it first.
  • When you find a video you want to use in the classroom, press download and save on your USB memory stick or download it to the computer you will be using to play the video.
  • Bring memory stick to school, put in a USB slot on your computer, and copy video file to your desktop.
  • Double click video file and you are good to go.
  • (if you don’t have a USB memory stick, you can write down the video you want and download it later into your computer) (however memory sticks are relatively inexpensive – a 1 gigi-byte stick should be less than ten dollars).

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