Educatellc Bookmarks

EducateLLC Bookmarks

Educatellc Bookmarks is a collection of educational websites that have been organized into various academic subjects. These sites have all been used before and can save you the trouble of searching the Internet yourself. The Bookmarks page is usually set as the Internet homepage (the website displayed whenever the internet is opened). If the school has its own homepage, then an Educatellc Bookmarks icon can be put on the desktop.  As you navigate through subject and topics, a listing  of website links and associated Educatellc lesson plans appears on the right.  High use links are listed on top and mouse scrolls over website links gives you a brief descriptor of that particular site. 
There are many folders, such as **Language Arts****Mathematics****Science**, and**Social Studies**. Besides these there are some very helpful folders: 
Webquests These are extended computer research projects (mostly Social Studies and Science) that are already set up for you with objectives, background, links to helpful sites, and printable worksheets. 
**Other Internet-Based Lessons** : Here you will find a mix of interactive websites and lesson plans. 
**Reference, Encyclopedias, Search Engines, Library** -online encyclopedias and dictionaries, educational search engines, as well as links to local newspapers and the public library. Britannica Online is a great example. 

**Teacher Resources** -a collection of projects, general sitescomputer and software tutorials, and information on Internet safety.  

If the process ever freezes, don’t be afraid to close Bookmarks and re-open it.
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