First Class

First Class Download Instructions

1.      Go to and download the First Class client.
2.      Install the First Class client:
3.      click on the First Class icon on your desktop
4.      click on the advanced button to maximize the First Class login
box5.   click on the “setup” button on your First Class Login box.6.    If the
server line is blank, please fill in the server number
7.      Click on the “save button on the lower right of the box.  This will
take you back to the First Class Login box.8.   Retype your user Id and
password and press enter to log into your account.9.    Note that you are not
able to save your password and therefore must type it in at every login.
        Logging Into First Class Via the Internet
1.      Type [ ] on your web
browser and click on
First Class Webmail on the bottom of the screen. You will then be directed
to the First Class Login screen.
2.      Type in your user ID and Password. Please note that the web version     of
First Class will look different but you will have access to all your
information including the conference folders.
*Note that you will be able to download the First Class exe file from the
conference folder and download First Class onto your home computer or

You can also access First Class without the client from any PC that has Internet access

You can access using the web version of First Class:
Access First Class through the web-page (bottom of page access first class
Log In with her user name and password
Click on desktop
Look for conference folders (First Class)
Folder with directions